Traveller Series

Hot Selling

Travel Kettle

Easy to carry while saving luggage space. With adjustable power supply, enjoy hot water or simple meals anytime, anywhere.

600 ml
Foldable Travel Cup Included
600 ml
One-button simple operation
250 ml
Compact Foldable Design

Portable Coffee Maker

A perfect travel companion for creating the perfect cup, satisfy your cravings anytime and anywhere.

Portable Coffee & Tea Maker
Lightweight and portable travel companion

Vacuum Jar

Double-layer insulation keeps foods at the right temperatures. Enjoy anywhere and anytime with the portable food jar.

280 ml
400 ml
500 ml

Electric Vacuum Sealer

Using the vacuum sealer to vacuum store different items can effectively free up more space in your luggage case. Maximize the limited space when travelling.

Handheld Vacuum Sealer
Portable & Easy to Use

Travel Iron

The extra compact USB Portable Travel Iron weighs approx 350g only and adds no burden to your suitcase. It gets you ready for your trip at anytime with full charge by USB and quick heating within 30s.

USB Portable Travel Iron
One-button control
30s quick heating